Tour Packages
5 Star Hotels
The Gateway Hotel Mangalore
The Gateway Hotel

Price Start: INR 2,400

4 Star Hotels
Goldfinch Hotel Mangalore
Goldfinch Hotel

Price Start: INR 2,701

3 Star Hotels
Ginger Hotel Mangalore
Ginger Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,742

Moti Mahal Hotel Mangalore
Moti Mahal Hotel

Price Start: INR 851

Prestige Hotel Mangalore
Prestige Hotel

Price Start: INR 1,143

Kumars International Hotel Mangalore
Kumars International Hotel

Price Start: INR 910

The Saffron Boutique Hotel Mangalore
The Saffron Boutique Hotel

Price Start: INR 2,012

2 Star Hotels
Navratna Palace Hotel Mangalore
Navratna Palace Hotel

Price Start: INR 790

Woodside Hotel Mangalore
Woodside Hotel

Price Start: INR 790

Abhiman Residency Hotel Mangalore
Abhiman Residency Hotel

Price Start: INR 999

Pentagon Hotel Mangalore
Pentagon Hotel

Price Start: INR 750

1 Star Hotels
Inland Avenue Service Apartment Mangalore
Inland Avenue Service Apartment

Price Start: INR 1,750

Veenu International Hotel Mangalore
Veenu International Hotel

Price Start: INR 930

Laxmi Mahal Hotel Mangalore
Laxmi Mahal Hotel

Price Start: INR 730

Hindustan Hotel Mangalore
Hindustan Hotel

Price Start: INR 625

Mangalore International Hotel Mangalore
Mangalore International Hotel

Price Start: INR 750

Hotels in Mangalore - The Famous Beach Stay

Holidays become memorable with great plans before going on a trip. Enjoy this vacation with prior plans to make them remarkable. What about visiting Mangalore? Off-course it is a nice plan. What about hotels in Mangalore? Hotel accommodations are fairly decent here and serve as a medium to enjoy comfortable stay. Travellers usually get good accommodation facilities over here. One can easily find a room ranging from lowest to highest. This is because Mangalore is a land of Karnataka state, India and hundreds of travellers visit Mangalore daily to see the beauty of Arabian Sea and beaches. Therefore, it is obvious that hotel industry in Mangalore should meet the need of travellers.

It’s not that hard to find hotels in Mangalore because it is a tourist city and travellers visit this city from all over the world to enjoy beach life, culture, delicious cuisines offered here. That’s why tourism industry plays an important role in Mangalore, so the hotel industry is also quite good. From low budget ordinary hotel to even 5 star luxury hotels, one can easily find a hotel according to budget and plan for sure. Travelling in Mangalore may cause a bit trouble but accommodations never. Following are the categories from which one can get brief information of hotels available in Mangalore near beach.

Luxuries Hotels

If you want to make your trip a memorable visit to Mangalore and want to stay in a luxurious hotel, it will be good to get a brief detail of the availability of 5 star hotels in Mangalore or even 4 star hotels in Mangalore. There are few hotels under this category to plan a luxurious stay. So, travellers looking forward to stay within luxury hotel may book their accommodation in this hotel.  

Middle Segment Hotels

If you are the one who want to stay in a hotel offering quality services in a bit affordable rates than 5 star and 4 star facilities, you may look for 3 star hotels in Mangalore or even search your accommodation within 2 star hotels in Mangalore. There are quite a good numbers of hotels within the middle segments so that travellers can easily plan a moderate stay.

Budget Hotels

If you are travelling on a tight budget and want to stay in a hotel that offers quality services at affordable prices, look no further than 1 star hotels in Mangalore or even Budget hotels in Mangalore. There are plenty of budget hotels situated in Mangalore that offer good services at very affordable prices. You even don’t need to book a room before check in.

These are just a few examples of various kinds of hotels available in Mangalore. If you are the one who is interested in visiting Mangalore, you may book your desired accommodations online via our web portal. We always try to provide the closest match according to your desire. You can search for your favourite accommodation from the list of hotels in Mangalore. Start your search today to get better deals over hotels in Mangalore to book the desired one via online before arrival.